Preparing for a trip to New Zealand – New Zealand, Postscriptum

Preparation is an important part of every trip and in the case of New Zealand that is no different. There are a lot of little things to take into account, so in this video, I cover all sorts of practical info, from where and when to travel to what to bring with you to what the trip might cost.

Useful links:
* Approved driver’s license translators:
* Tide schedules for upcoming years:
* How to legally fly your drone in NZ:

Resources that can help plan the trip:
* NZ Frenzy South Island (
* Lonely Planet South Island (
* My tried and proved 2-week itinerary to South Island:
* A blog with tons of info:
* My own blog covering all New Zealand locations I visited:

The two things you definitely need to bring with you:
* Repellent:
* Power adapters:

My gear list:
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