Hearken to ‘I Like Him’:

Video Credit:

Director: Sebastian Sdaigui (@ssdaigui)
Inventive Director: Robotic MoonJuice (robotmoonjuice)
Manufacturing Firm: Bellanoir Movies (@bellanoirfilms)
Govt Producer: Chelsea Sdaigui (@chelsea189)
Producer: Mariah Morgenstern (@mariahsalive)
Manufacturing Supervisor: Jami Arceo @jamiarceoo

1st AD: Erik Mateo “E Class” (@allminds)
2nd AD: Anthony Hayward (@nutty91)
2nd 2nd AD: Kailyn Bueno
AD PA: Vivica Value (@_vivicaprice)

Cinematographer: Tehillah De Castro (@tehillahdecastro)
Steadicam: Jose Espinoza (@noswayjose)
1st AC: Ariel Pomerantz (@shutup.ariel)
2nd AC: Jacob Laureanti (@jlaureanti)
BTS Photographer: Lottie Abrahams (@hottiebaberahams)

Manufacturing Designer: Miranda Lorenz (@mirandalorenz)
Artwork Director: Natalia Brito (@nnnicte)
Leadman: Daniel Oregel (@daniel.oregel.3)
Set Dresser: Devon Rosenberg (@devonrosenberg)
Artwork PA: Chris Cranston (@crannyvision)

Magnificence: Marlaine Reiner (@mjr_makeup)
Magnificence: Wendy Martinez (@wendyluxmakeup)
Magnificence Assistant: (@dollieanderson)
Styling: Kenn Legislation (@kennlaw)
Stylist Assistant: Nikeisha Wilson

Artist Stylist: Soki (@sokimak)
Artist Stylist: Erik Ziemba (@erikziemba)
Artist Stylist Assistant: Katie Workman (@katieworkmanstylist)
Artist Make-up: Scott Osbourne (@thescottedit)
Artist Hair: Iggy Rosales (@hairbyiggy)
Artist Nails: Astrid Curet (@astridcuret)

Gaffer: Ant Boyd (@electrick_child, @antslamps)
Greatest Boy Electrical: Greg Inexperienced (@wellzmobsdym)
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Key Grip: John Owen (@p1nball)
BBG: Chris Hartsell
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Truck Manufacturing Assistant: Dylan Silverglate (@dslvergl8)
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Casting Director: Copelan Money/Esprit Casting (@espritcasting)

Editor: Sofia Kerpan (@sofia_kerpan)
Assistant Editor: Aja Garman
Shade Producer: Evan Bauer (@evbauer)
Colorist: Josh Bohoskey (@breezus_christ)
VFX: Jackie Dunnett (@jackie_dunnett)
Sound Designer: Christian Stropko (@cstropko)
Composer: Gavin Brivik (@gavinbrivik)

Monitor Credit:
Produced by Powers Nice
Combined by Tyler Dopps
Mastered by Joe LaPorta


I like him
Like him too
He my man
He my boo
He my kind
He so cute
I would like him
Need him too

Hop within the whip hop within the truck
I do no matter i would like
I’m not a hoe i’m not a slut
I prefer to fuck and that i positive prefer to suck
I’m that daring
Freezy like ice
I am not a spouse so
Discuss to me good
You ain’t my kind
I don’t such as you
You a broke boy
Take a look at your footwear
I am the participant
I’m the pimp
All them boys
Make em the trick
All them boys
They on my shit
However all them boys make me sick

I don’t see you taming me
Much less then there entertaining me
They only tryna pa play with me
Play with me you pay the charge

I like him
Like him too
He my man
He my boo
He my kind
He so cute
I would like him
Need him too

Dibble on this, dibble in that
Get all the top like i’m a brat
Play together with his balls when he as much as bat
Make daddy actual proud like i am Kayla Pratt
I am having a shower, he making the mattress
When i go away the town, i go away him on learn
Go get the following, like i get the bread
He coming with questions, i name him the feds
He let me plead the fifth,
Trigger he know this field a present
Consuming breakfast noyt @ tiffs
When i curve him he get stiff

I am going beast mode
Ball like free throw
Sport like cheat code
Kilos like kilo

I don’t see you taming me
Much less then entertaining me
They only tryna plpllay with me
You play with me you pay the charge

I like him
Like him too
He my man
He my boo
He my kind
He so cute
I would like him
Need him too

Princess Nokia – I Like Him (Official Music Video)

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  1. Okay no hate but is nobody finna talk bout y tf does the video look like Madison Beers, Dear Society music video? …….. LIKE COPYCAT BITCH GET YOUR OWN CREATIVITY! copying from a not so popular singer really? thinking nobody is gonna notice