Quanzhou, Fujian, China 2018 Trip Vlog

I uploaded subtitles to YouTube for clarity. Activate them by clicking “CC” on the lower right of the video if using a browser and “Captions” if using the mobile app.

Quanzhou is a city in Fujian, Southern China. I went there on October 27 – November 4, 2018 with family to visit relatives. I compiled the photos and a few video clips I took during the trip into a vlog. Hope you enjoy this video.

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Day 1: 00:00 Intro
flew to Quanzhou, Fujian, China, from Manila, Philippines
00:50 Trip log begins
Day 2: 01:18
Qingyuan Mountains Scenic Area (01:27), ginger duck lunch (02:06),
cashless transactions (02:19), West lake Park(02:30),
sugarcane peeling/ juicing contraption (02:39), Kaiyuan Monastery (02:44), West Street (03:17)
Day 3: 03:40 – Quanzhou Railway Station → Wu Yi Shan
lunch (03:49), Wu Yi Shan park (03:54), Yi Xian Tian attraction (03:59),
local market and dinner (04:13),
Impressions Da Hong Pao musical about tea, directed by Zhang Yi Mou (04:22),
Day 4: 05:27, bamboo raft tour of Wu Yi Shan (05:36)
hotel lunch (07:27), TianYou Peak (07:32),
Yun Wo- attraction with Chinese writing carved on rock (07:58),
Day 5: 08:23 – train ride back to Quanzhou
Day 6: 08:37 – freaky pumpkins
Quanzhou skyline from my window (08:43), Local Fish Cafe (05:55)
Day 7: 09:11 – Wu Dian Shi historical replica town, Jinjiang
vintage Southern Chinese/ Fujianese house replicas (10:19),
Fujian/ Minnan style lunch at a vintage themed restaurant (10:32),
regular Chinese food seafood dinner (10:58),
Day 8: 11:05 – more Quanzhou City sights
Confucius Temple (11:08), park with a lake (11:39),
street scenes, weekend flea market (11:40), traditional tea house (11:56),
more street scenes (12:08), Qingjing Mosque (Masjid al-Ashab) (12:11),
etymology of Quanzhou’s old nickname “Zayton” (12:26),
mosque dumpling makers (13:04), another sugarcane peeler gadget (13:21),
Mind Museum (13:43), Yuanhe 1916 (13:51), hypebeast cat (14:02),
Quanzhou City Hall (14:07), seafood dinner (14:10), night stills (14:16)
Day 9: 14:19
flew back home to Manila, Philippines (14:22)

CLICK to see all the photos from my trip here on Flickr:

CLICK HERE TO READ about this trip on my blog:

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