Rainbow Flower Garden 虹色の花が美しい やくらいガーデンの絶景 東北・宮城の花の名所 | Travel to Miyagi Japan | BMPCC6K

9月に旅行するなら必ず一度は訪れたい!東北地方屈指の花の名所 やくらいガーデン!
At Yakurai Backyard in Kami city, Miyagi Prefecture Tohoku Japan, which is named a well-known flower spot, the flowers of the gorgeous rainbow-colored backyard are in full bloom in early September.
On the huge web site with a complete space of 150,000 sq. meters, about 400 sorts of crops that bloom one after one other in accordance with the season are cultivated.
In September, the flowers blooming at Rainbow Backyard Fururu no Oka, the place you possibly can see an impressive view like a lavender area in Furano Hokkaido, might be in full bloom.
Along with that, the whole backyard is adorned with the picture of Jack-o-Lantern in accordance with the Halloween season, and you’ll get pleasure from each the flowers panorama that colour the early autumn and the Halloween occasion.

総面積15万平方メートルの広大な敷地内では、季節に応じて次々と花を咲かせる植物を約400種類も栽培しており、9月にはまるで北海道富良野のラベンダー畑のような絶景を見る事ができる、「虹色ガーデン ふるるの丘」で咲く花々が見頃を迎えます。


営業時間: 10:00~17:00
入園料金 : 大人700円 小人200円 幼児・障がい者 無料

Coloration Correction:Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio
Camcorder:Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Digital camera 6K(BMPCC6K)
Recording format:Blackmagic RAW 6K Q5 5:1 6144×3456 50fps
Video Codec:BRAW to H.265/HEVC Essential 10 Degree 6.2 5120×2880 5K 50fps

BGM : Artlist

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