Immediately I’m bringing you a particular episode and want to begin with a quotes that drive each my life as a Father and Husband my profession as an environmental biologist and my ardour as a gardener. Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson stated:
“The benefit of science is that it is true whether or not or not you consider in it.”
Over the course of the previous few months we have now had some nice conversations on the collection of movies surrounding the testing of my backyard practices and assumptions. So nice in truth that I wished to do that video for you at this time.
As a lot of you recognize I like to take the time to analysis and script every one episodes so I may also help minimize by the noise on the market and convey you to the very best of my means a number of the science that takes place in our gardens.
Scientific Technique
earlier than I check out how I analysis the assorted subjects lets outline the scientific technique. Typically talking you provide you with a speculation. A speculation asks a query that may be examined. Following that query you have to attempt to check them in a fashion that isn’t solely measurable however thats proof can both assist or contradict the speculation. On this method solely the speculation which might be supported are thought-about to be legitimate till such time as they’re disproven.
Learn how to filter the white noise data
Earlier than I take you thru how one can discover this data lets discuss how one can filter by all the data that’s on the market.
To start with the web is each a repository for fantastic huge quantities of data but it surely additionally permits nearly anybody to put up what ever they approach. Simply because somebody like me stated it doesn’t imply it’s a must to take that as reality.
These guidelines of thumb ought to assist information you thru the knowledge on the market.
Lets use an instance of a query each Patrick and I requested just a few weeks in the past and and ask what fungal dominated compost is and need to know if its useful in your backyard?
The very first thing we’d like is a speculation. This can be a very broad speculation so lets ask some extra particular ones to see if it helps the speculation.
Our speculation for this instance was: is fungal dominated compost useful for our gardens?
As a result of that is such a broad query you may break the questions down into various questions. I exploit these questions to start out my search.

Cornell Pine Needles:

Forest Trade Council Pine Wants

Companion Planting Video:

A few of my favourite childhood reminiscences are of gardening with my dad and mom and brothers. This channel is about low price natural city gardening in zone 3. I’m not at all an knowledgeable gardener nevertheless I like to share my experiments and journey backyard 12 months spherical. Please be at liberty to affix the dialog and if you happen to assume you would possibly like this channel subscribe. Have an important day!

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  1. Great video!   I sincerely thank you Stephen for your hard work.  I cant imagine how you find the time to do all of this.  I really appreciate your approach.  

  2. So much I see on youtube is anecdotal. When you have science backed up with demonstration, then you really have something.
    What you're doing here with your channel is greatly appreciated.

  3. Nice work but !
    I wouldn't trust all these reserches  UDSA supports GMO ? who is funding all the colleges reserch ?
    Chemical componys I would start when reserching who's interests are they trying to put over
    I am 58 and lernt gardening from my grand father and my father I do things a little different than them as I don't till and only add to the top if it's compost or mulsh
    the last time I dug in my garden was to berry my ded dog the dark brown almost black soil went down almost 6ft
    so I don't think I am doing some thing wrong and thats in 32 years to start with there was only 4/5 inches

  4. I tend to do the same thing with researching any of my content for my videos before i every present that information. sometimes i say it am trying it out for the viewers and then present whether it worked or didn't for me. But either way some sort of proof needs to be gathered before. My favorite sites are university .govs i stay away from just because in the U.S. the FDA and USDA is pretty messed up and corrupted by corporations so their information is not really very viable. that's just my opinion though

  5. Excellent piece on a sharpening stone.
    Haven't had that in my thinking.
    Trail and error.
    Name brand.
    Fungally dominated–soil..?
    I consider fungus a stain.
    I might see a portion of dirt–or soil.
    Nice video.
    Excellent to have met you today.

  6. Good to hear that you are following the scientific method and not just spreading dogma. Hope we can learn what works and not just pour x number of products into our garden beds like some youtubers tell us to.

  7. I have just discovered bokashi composting and think I am hooked but want to hear what gardening people I trust have to say about it first. Have you tried it?

  8. "I don't know everything, and I can be wrong." Great video Stephen! You are doing great work.

  9. Wow, I think this might be my favourite episode.
    It just pulled at my nerdy heartstrings…
    Peer review
    Correlation is not causation
    And my favourite – never say PROVEN… There is only evidence supporting your theory.

    I ♡ statistics and research, and I love that you focus more on that… I am considering going back for my masters so I have been in that mind frame recently… 😊

    Thanks you for just being 'real' with us.
    I am learning a lot… especially since I have still yet to plant a single item (north facing apartment with less than 3 hours of light)… but I have great plans when we move, and your guidance is vital to my future growth. 👍😄🌱

  10. Another great video! Taking a scientific approach to gardening just helps lead us down a better path (usually), and that just gives us better (and more fun) outcomes.

  11. I found the subject of science of gardening most interesting. The comments and the views of others would seem to indicate that pure reviews and evidence based is best.
    You cut throught the noise pretty good. It helps us gardeners to make informed decisions > than 50% of the time. Thank you.

  12. Steven, I really appreciate and enjoy all the work you have done to filter out all of the "noise" on the Internet, but I do believe you have the definition of hypothesis wrong. I am pretty sure that a hypothesis is a proposed answer with testable results…

  13. I don't discount anecdotal evidence.  There just isn't enough money out there to scientifically test everything, even in horticulture.  Added to that what may work in one environment may not in another.  So we do have to test things in our own gardens and pay attention to what happens.

    I ended up going to the FaceBook forum you recommended because of a discussion on another YouTube channel and like it.  The experts are generally helpful to us newbies.  They also put me onto another FaceBook forum which was helpful as well.

    One of the things I really like about you is that you are submitting some claims to scientific testing.  I'm watching how the testing will work out in the long term, but it is already helpful for me in making some decisions on what I'm going to do this year.  I really appreciate your hard work.

  14. Great ideas Stephan, I do love testing and research. I like to hear what others have to say, but there's nothing like seeing for yourself what will and won't work in your garden.

  15. Great to see how you do the videos Stephen, Google scholars is a very useful tool! Thanks for the upload my friend 🙂

  16. 'Noise' sure is a polite way of describing what is often found on the Internet.  I hypothesize a hypothesis is an educated guess rather than a question.  As always, good video Sir.  Looking forward to your next production…  Take care, be safe  

  17. I don't believe anything the govt. has to say…  they would have us believe that GMO's are safe in all forms.  great info as always though, thx for the share !

  18. Great Video.  I have a question for you.  On that facebook page in your video "The Garden Professors Blog" I searched for information on squash bugs, in hopes that someone had a proven way of dealing with those destructive bugs.  Here is a link to a story I clicked on where this person claims that spraying coca-cola gets rid of them.  Tell me what you think.

  19. The other good thing about Science is that Scientists cant agree on what is true, but the Truth is out there, whether you believe it or not. In the garden it is all about what works. Trial and error. Science maybe killing our Bees. On the other hand Stephen, your kind of science, stops us from wasting money on product that does not work or is unnecessary so thank you for that and your methodology.

  20. Well done, Stephen! I couldn't agree more that we should let the evidence lead the way. 

  21. Good stuff, Stephen! That's why you will notice in most all of my videos I say "I'm just showing you how I do it" and the reasons why!

  22. Thank you very much for this episode Stephen. Really good to learn where to find the most reliable information on the internet. And I went to The Garden Professors Blog on FB as well. And sure enough there was good information relating to my upcoming task of starting seeds indoors. My husband and I have been gardening in our little part of the world for about 35 years. Still, each year we have failures along with successes. For example, last year our corn crop was a complete failure – we have had much success with corn over the years. Why? – don't really know. Could have been extensive slug damage at the seedling stage, a poor choice of variety or something else. We continue to learn and your channel (along with Patrick's) has become on of my go to places for good information.  Wishing you a fabulous growing season this year. I'll keep checking in and, thanks again!

  23. Soil acidity from pine trees is a 2 part process Stephen. Pine trees remove nutrients that leave the soil acidic BUT the decomposing pine needles further acidify the soil. This info is from Dr Ulf Skylberg, a professor of soil chemistry at the University of soil sciences somewhere in Sweden. He has written an insane amount of info as well as done the testing.

  24. Thank you for helping us research and cutting through the noise of the science of gardening Stephen! I look forward to your next video…

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