Rick Steves Goes to Washington, D.C.

Over the last 15 days, 1,319 of you have responded to my annual Christmas challenge: Help Bread for the World with $100 or more, and I’ll send you a free gift — and I’ll match your donation 2-to-1 (contributing $200 for each $100 given, up to $700K).

Together, we’ve already raised over $177,318 to empower Bread to speak up for hungry people in Congress — and if I can inspire just 1,727 more of you to join in, we’ll hit our million-dollar goal:

There are plenty of great opportunities to be generous and make a difference. This initiative leverages your hard-earned charitable dollar powerfully for these reasons:

• It’s advocacy. (I love advocacy — as you’ll learn in this little clip I made with Bread a few years ago.) Every dollar given ends up generating $100 in helpful developmental aid and more compassionate trade policies via our government.
• I’ll match it 2-to-1. It’s very simple: You give $100, and Bread for the World gets $300.
• I’ll send you a cool thank-you gift, on my dime. Choose either my European Christmas gift pack or my 20-Year Anthology DVD Box Set. (You’ll receive it before Dec. 25.)
• Together, we’ll give a voice to hungry people in our country and around the world.

We’ve all seen news footage of desperate people at our southern border, and I imagine caring Americans are wondering what they can do to help. Here’s an opportunity that, dollar for dollar, has a huge love-thy-neighbor impact. Learn more at www.ricksteves.com/bread — and please let your loved ones know about this challenge as well. Imagine: As an extended family of caring (and traveling) people, together we can empower Bread for the World’s work with a million dollars.

Find out more about Rick Steves at www.ricksteves.com


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