The very last day of our Grand Tour of South America gave me one opportunity to do a once in a lifetime experience. Thrilled and excited, I’m going Hang Gliding in Rio de Janeiro

We travelled to the district of São Conrado before making the climb up the mountain to our base where we would take off from.
The Pedra Bonita ramp located inside the Tijuca Forest national park.

My pilot was Klaus Koch.

Klaus has over 26 years dedicated to hang gliding and many, many hours in the air with over 10.000 tandem flights.

Besides flying Hang Gliders Klaus is also a professional Helicopter pilot and instructor. So you could say I think i’m in pretty good hands for today’s flight!

This is certainly a fantastic experience, so if your adrenalin is pumping and your’re up the ride of a lifetime, you need to visit these guys. As you’d expect safety is paramount and you’re guided through the whole process with efficiency and attention to detail.

After watching others leap into the unknown it was finally my turn. We edged forward and then patience was required as we waited for the right wind conditions to enable us to take off.

A moment seemed like eternity, as Klaus kept checking the conditions to ensure our safe departure.

No experience is required to go and fly as the instructor has full control at all times, the only thing you need to do is run as fast as you can down the ramp, and then…..

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Grand Tour of South America

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Rio de Janeiro

As always many thanks for watching


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