Cycling is for people of all shapes and sizes. Since joining the team at the end of last year, you may have noticed that Conor falls into the category of ‘taller riders’. But, that hasn’t stopped him having a successful career racing bikes and enjoying every pedal stroke. At over 2 meters tall and with size 49 feet, we thought Conor would be just the man to give you some advice on bike set up, clothing selection, and gear choice if you too are on the taller side.

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If you’re a taller rider, what are your top bike set up tips?

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  1. Thanks for the information, I have been looking for information on the size of the road bike to get, and this information was quite helpful to me. I am 6 "7" and when I inquire about purchasing a bike I am told different information, I think it is because each seller is trying to sell the bide that their supplier is able to provide them at a good price.

  2. Connor, I’m 6’6” and have a very very hard time finding road cycling shoes. Do you have any suggestions? I’m a 1size 16 us, and wear a 52 in my current shimano’s. However, it’s a struggle to find replacement shoes. What brand do you wear?

  3. The spindle length comment was great. I always have a frame rub problem, did not know this was an option. I love the head tube length on that bike, most manufacturers with their largest sizes are 1/2 that length at best.

  4. As someone who is returning to cycling and is two metres tall (thanks for making me feel short, Connor), it was good to hear some tips on how to minimise the effects of my height and weight. I won't be racing or time trialling, I'm going to be touring and possibly doing a few audax rides (up to 200 kilometres, I hope).
    Like many people of above average height, I break spokes all the time (my record was five in the space of 50 metres). I recently heard a useful tip: push some spare spokes through some dense foam and insert the foam into the bottom of the seat post, with the nipples uppermost, so if the nipples do unscrew, they will be held above the foam. That stores the spokes somewhere handy, out of sight and the nipples will be safe too.

  5. what if im tall and have a heavy frame? noone ever thinks of that. The force tall guys put out on bikes I am constantly snapping pedals right off the crank arm. bending seat post. the handle bars are constantly being stripped and move from the wieght and force pushing down on them when pedaling up hill. Most mountain and road bikes wont hold an actual big and tall rider. I really dont like the choices that are out there for us trikes and shitty fat tire bikes. Not really the riding I wanna do. If I was to ride on that red and black bike hes on it would literally snap the frame after a few minutes and the seat would instantly break. If the frame didnt snap it would be the pedals or crank arm. sucks to be me

  6. I'm 6'5" (1.95 m), 220 lbs (100 kg), and size 15 US shoe (50 Euro). In general, finding a frame that fits is the hardest part. I've stuck with Giant, but they made the seat tube shorter on the XL frame. It went from 58.5 cm to 55.5cm. Now I have nearly as much seatpost and I have seat tube.
    Odd thing about the shoes, I never had that issue with rub unless I used shoecovers.

    And 180mm cranks all the way!!!

  7. I'm 195cm still riding (very occasionally on road, mainly on Zwift) my 63cm 2008 CAAD9 with 180cm SRAM rival cranks. Time RXS pedals (very low axle to sole distance) but have not done anything about increasing pedal axle length. Fitted me very well and no comfort issues when I used to do long sportives. Size 48 shoes, crank and chainstay rub okay. Have just changed my bars to try a different shape with a little less reach and drop and a bit of flare.

  8. +1 on the extra long pedal axles, I recently bought a new bike with an 11 speed cassette and my size 14 UK feet kept knocking the frame – I didn't fancy wearing the paint out so invested in some decent pedals which I'll definitely be taking off if and when I sell the bike! Also, Planet X do bib shorts which come up pretty long so you don't have the problem of a jersey exposing your back like a cycling crop top…

  9. I'm 6'6" and 240 lbs and I've been having foot issues for almost 6 months, bruised and blistered middle toes and painful blisters on my big toes. I swapped out shoes and finally after watching Connor's video, I swapped from Speedplay Zero's to Shimano SPD SL's with the extra 4mm offset and the difference is amazing. Thanks Connor.

  10. Hello there, I’m 208 cm and 100 kg with a 50-51 shoe Size.. So kinda an exception On the bike.. My inseam is 105 cm so kinda a heard journey to find a fitting bike.. Atm riding a 64 trek emonda alr but the saddle sticks out alot.. Any tips or Will it be custom work only for me? Great video btw! Feel like the marked should do more for us tall riders..