ROADTRIP from North to South EUROPE in our self-converted CAMPERVAN | OSMO POCKET and DJI DRONE

ROADTRIP from North to South EUROPE, from WINTERCAMPING to SUMMERCAMPING, from snow covered mountains to LAVENDERFIELDS in the Provence – in our self-converted CAMPERVAN filmed with DJI OSMO POCKET and DJI DRONE.

Without any previous knowledge we converted a VW Crafter to our Campervan Karlsson on the Weekends while studying and working full-time. After 9 months of hard work, we travelled through 16 countries of Europe and made 25.000km in 6 months – starting our big adventure in February to the North. We aimed to the magnificent Lofoten Islands in Norway, were impressed by the variety of France, enjoyed the sun of the far south of Portugal and delicous delicates in Italy.

From Winter to Summer, we experienced dancing polarlights, heaps of snow, a struggling engine at -27 °C, enjoyed snowmobile and husky tours, visited a lot of historical buildings, relaxed at beautiful beaches, hiked and paraglided in the unbelievable dolomitian mountains and were grateful for the variety of food, culture and people.

Make your dreams come true!

Some didn’t believe that we would be able to convert the van without prior knowledge. We also sometime doubted whether we could make it, whether we had the strength, energy and persistence to do so, whether want to invest all that money and can stop living the life we were used to for half a year. But in the end it was all so worth it. With the right motivation and discipline you can do anything. We are proud and happy to have fulfilled this dream and we would like to motivate you to have the courage for such projects. Believe in yourself and just start doing it!

All Videos are filmed by us with the DJI Osmo Pocket and DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

Music by Angus & Julia Stone – Chateau

Thank you for watching 🙂


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