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Directed by: @shotbyjolo
Rod Wave – Via The Wire (Official Music Video)

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    දින දෙකක ප්‍රමිතියයල්සන් ඇගේ කෙස් කළඹට තුවායක් ගෙන තෙත් තුවායක් ඇගේ සැහැල්ලු ලොම් සහිත උරහිස් මතට ඇද ගත්තේය ඔබ ඒ සඳහා වඩා හොඳ පෙනුමක් ඇත

  2. I came across this on a youtube playist… I'm sharing this video and song, touched me in a lot of ways as a 20yrs vet and still serving.. if one day we could have a beer I'd buy.. Your song touched someone tonight, you need to know that! maybe saved someone.. Much Love

  3. cashflukes on telegram is the real plug no doubts have been dealing with him for weeks hit him up for physical or digital cc,dumps with pin ,logs ,fullz ,all dark web stuffs ,fraud bibles,bins,methods and carding tutors

  4. I can say he is talented he is one rapper who made it out ik because i come from a line of rappers like lpb poody yes i can say they is talented in idm if his music sound the same he is getting his pain in struggle out into the music in if ur a real rod wave u know his music dont sound same in people bashed me just or saying if ur a rod wave fan like how am i trying to get clout i am becoming sucessful u can to just dont put peoplle down