Hey lovely people,
Watch me set up my bike, I’ll talk about pricing and shipping. There are pictures at the end and I show you how loud the bike is as well

If you have any questions feel free to comment

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  1. Hey I’m thinking of getting on for my apartment – do u think it’ll be a noise issue for people living below me? I know the noise comes from the fan but doesn’t really have an impact noise like a treadmill, would like to know ur thoughts – thank u!

  2. After 3 months of trying to buy one and them selling out at light speed I was finally able to order one of these this morning I’m very excited! Thanks for the video it’s nice to see a woman’s perspective 😊

  3. Thanks for your review. Can I ask how tall you are please? I've heard the Echo is a bit big for people on the shorter side. I'm 5'2", so really don't want to get this if it's too big for me! Thanks! 🙂