Romance Movie 2020 电影 | The Mermaid Girl, Eng Sub 校花驾到 3 人鱼校花 | 青春校园 Campus Love Story, Full Movie

Synopsis: 2020 New Mermaid Film “She’s From One other Planet” is the third episode of Sequence Film “The College Magnificence” that are all about campus love tales. This episode is a couple of naughty mermaid Sunny who involves the earth from far ocean, however she misplaced an vital magical scale. By coincidence, it was picked up by Wen Zhengxi, A faculty prince. Then Sunny and Wen Zhengxi fell into love…

故事简介: 2020青春奇幻校园爱情电影《人鱼校花》是 “ #校花驾到 ” 系列电影第3部,讲述贪玩的美人鱼公主Sunny偷偷潜入人类世界,不幸丢失了重要的鳞片。为了回到海洋,Sunny不得不上岸一路追寻,被好心人类少女艾米和齐齐从博物馆里救出,又对无意中和鳞片融合的校园男神文正熙展开了轰轰烈烈的追求。在Sunny即将收获爱情,回到海洋的时刻,暗恋文正熙的大姐头罗伊琳却识破了Sunny的人鱼身份,并带着对人鱼有变态嗜好的眼镜老师展开了人鱼抓捕行动,Sunny的性命因此危在旦夕…

出品 Studio: IFG 互联网电影集团
导演 Director: 叶茗 Ye Ming, 林云翔 Lin Yunxiang
主演 Starring: 文卓 Wen Zhuo, 邹杨 Zou Yang, 田晓天 Tian Xiaotian, 曹曦月 Cao Xiyue, 海铃 Hai Ning,程旭 Cheng Xu
题材 Genres: #奇幻 Fantasy, 青春 Younth, #校园 Campus College, 爱情 Romance #LoveStory

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