s1mple Plays FPL Faceit Dust 2 – CSGO Twitch Clips 7 August 2020
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  1. 18:54 Something kids should understand S1mple says "I can HOLD short"

    He has an objective as a CT he is going to hold something.

    Meanwhile the rest of noobs in his fpl match say I will go long I will go b I will go mid.

    There is a big difference in mindset and play from HOLDING to just GOING.

    Yeah I will go long but maybe I will hold it maybe I will fall back maybe I will bait , maybe I dont know. That a flimsy player you cant trust. He doesnt know what he is doing himself how do you expect to play with him in a team when the person himself doesnt know what he is doing how can you know what your teammate will do when they have no clue what they are doing.
    Thats what seperates great players from players, great players have a clear goal in mind.

    And notice what happened the guy who said he played long is ct cross ramp, its as if he didnt even move from ct spawn 20 sec in the round. He didnt hold long he didnt do anything he just died.
    He had good spawn to get to pit a pretty powerful position or used the time to get on site which is a powerful position too but he is still ct , its sad really.

    You would think you wouldnt see this in fpl but most of these people have no understanding of the game they just have good aim. The game gives you 5 seconds of time before contact where you can find a powerful position. People waste it. First 5 sec of the round are the most important part which determines if you win a round or not ct side.

    S1mple said I am going short which means nobody is helping you long so you should just get on A site , usp is powerful long range , you can tap it a few times then fall back since you dont have the confidence to actually fight long doors.

  2. JR played it really good, his job was to kill S1mple and he almost never failed.

    He played noob positions which s1mple didnt expect but he killed s1mple on long by pushing past the wall or he killed him short hiding in that cubby there with awp, an awper would never do that because he would have nowhere to fall to, creative but if s1mple baited a little bit instead of pushing first this game would have been done 16 zero

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