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This video includes funny CS GO moments highlights and pro CSGO plays. It is also twitch recap from latest CS:GO twitch clips from that event and it is kind of best of montage. Video could include players like flusha, niko, guardian, stewie2k, device, kennys, симпл, shox, s1mple, stewie2k, coldzera, niko, jw and many other top pro CSGO players. Teams like fnatic, navi, g2, astralis, liquid, cloud9…

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– Let You Go (Daxten Remix) – Sebastian Forslund (outro)

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  1. watchin midnight – can't hold my laugh when I hear woxic laugh lmao
    thanks for that link tho, a there is a short list of decent servics like forcedrop, cs money, mid-base, bitskins, dmarket and couple others

  2. most of you won't understand why it was funny…. its because a game earlier, anarkez stabbed someone who lagged out on JW's team, then JW started talking shit and whining and the match was cancelled, then s1mple who was on the same team with anarkez started talking shit to JW about him trying to stab every person he sees….