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How Schools Looked Like 200 Years Ago | Ballarat, Melbourne, Australia

Sovereign Hill Gold Mine Tour | Melbourne Travel Blog

Today, I am taking you back in time 200 years ago.

Sovereign Hill in Ballarat, a small city from the 1850 gold rush in Australia, is preserved as it was back in those days. You will be able to go back in time and experience a gold mine city.

Experience time and life in this recreated gold township of the 1850s with me.

How did schools look like in the 1850s? Some schools were made of canvas tent and some made of timber cottages. Later on, there were wooden, brick, or stone buildings. It was not uncommon for teachers to move tent schools from one location to another based on mining activities.

There were no computers, cell phones, ballpoint pens or pencils. Going to school was not compulsory, and some parents kept their kids home to save money.

Today, I will take you inside a school 200 years ago. The National School you are about to visit was in much better shape than the average school.

There will be more videos coming up from the Sovereign Hill Gold Mine city.

Sovereign Hill Gold Mine city. Located in the suburb of Ballarat.

I will have lots of videos from Sovereign Hill gold city.

In the next few videos, I will share my experiences in Australia with you. Experience the beautiful Australia with me.

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