Science Fiction Movie 2020 电影 | 活体打印 Copy The Life, Eng Sub | 惊悚科幻片 Thriller film, Full Movie 1080P

Synopsis: 2020 New Science Fiction Film “Copy The Life 活体打印” is a few thriller story of printing dwelling human beings. A fantastic lady Chen Fei falls in love with a man Ma Jia. So does Ma Jia. However in Chen Fei’s dream, Ma Jia typically squeezes her neck. Sooner or later, Chen Fei goes all the way down to the underground warehouse and finds quite a lot of our bodies that are similar along with her. She is so scared and tries her greatest to flee however failed. Then she meets a similar lady of No. 126. The No.126 Chen Fei informed her a high secret challenge about Ma Jia and herself…

故事简介:2020 最新电影《活体打印 Copy The Life》 讲述一个科幻、惊悚而震撼的故事:爱上马甲的陈菲时常做噩梦被马甲掐脖子,陈菲无意中发现了地下仓库中有无数个和自己一模一样的尸体。惊恐的陈菲试图逃出马甲的魔爪,却屡屡失败。陈菲遇到了同样的自己126号,揭开了马甲的爱恨和秘密实验室…同时成立于建国初期“九一八局”的叛徒老李带不稳定打印人来抢夺活体打印技术,陈菲、126号陈菲面对爱恨交织、外敌杀入将何去何从…

出品 Studio: 魔数映画 Magic Image
导演 Director: 邢光军 Xing Guangjun, 涂彪 Tu Biao
主演 Starring: 李易霖 Li Yilin, 三三 Double Three
题材 Genres: 科幻 Science Fiction, 惊悚 Thriller, 爱情 Love

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