SHIMANO Dura-Ace SM-RT900 Rotor Upgrade // Road Bike Disc Brakes

Today’s bike maintenance involves swapping out the 140mm centerlock Ultegra rotors on my Giant TCR with the Dura-Ace SM-RT900 rotors. I’ve kept with the 140mm size (the TCR can accommodate 160mm) and didn’t need to swap the brake pads as they have a few months of life left in them yet. This is a simple job that takes only a few minutes.

For those worried about my finger oil contaminating the surface, they were cleaned off with rubbing alcohol prior to riding. And those concerned about the calipers I used to measure the width…. sure. It was good enough for me. Finally for those who don’t read the comments, please read the comments! Thanks!

SHIMANO Dura-Ace SM-RT900 Rotor Centerlock 140mm
SHIMANO Dura-Ace SM-RT900 Rotor Centerlock 160mm
Shimano LockRing Tool:

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