Skiing FIS Race skis on various types of terrain (moguls, groomed blue, groomed black)

I’ve recently been skiing more on FIS style race skis. These skis have a stiffer feel and a more solid type of construction when made. I have been testing which length in the GS ski to use as an everyday long radius ski based on how well it can ski both moguls and groomed terrain. The longer 188cm 30m radius ski felt best at either full speed or skiing the bumps. Not much in between. The 178cm 23m radius felt great at almost everything but I liked the longer length in the moguls. I’ve gone for the 183cm 25m radius as a good blend. Plus for short turns and demonstrations the FIS Slalom ski is amazing. I can highly recommend testing different lengths of skis and different construction types. Each ski has its own personality and feel. It teaches you to pay attention and adapt your technique, speed and timing which is always good for those wanting to progress their skiing to the next level. Tom


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