Skydiver crashes when their parachute doesn't deploy

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The last seconds of the life of the 35-year-old paramedic of the regional search and rescue base of Yekaterinburg, Mikhail Prokhorov, who crashed while parachuting , was shot on video.

A tragic incident occurred on the morning of October 7 in the vicinity of the village of Loginovo. For Mikhail it was the 35th jump, and the fifth this year. This time he jumped from a helicopter from a height of 800 meters.

Immediately after separation, according to AiF-Ural, the rescuer fell into the air stream, it began to rotate. The cable of the exhaust parachute, which was supposed to pull the main dome from the satchel, wrapped around the body and did not allow the dome to open. The reserve parachute did not save either – its slings were confused with the main one, and Mikhail did not manage to correct the situation, since there were about 200 meters to the ground.

The man crashed to the ground with a stone, he died from his injuries before the doctors arrived.


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