Skydiving Camera – 'Selfie' Camera vs 'Freefall' Camera

Skydiving memories last forever… but videos and photos of the experience make showing your friends and family all the more awesome!

At Taupo Tandem Skydiving we offer two styles of camera – Selfie and Freefall.
Check out the video to see the difference between these two different styles of camera.

Selfie: The tandem master wears a camera on his wrist and captures your entire skydive experience including the moment on the ground pre and post skydive, the plane ride up, the freefall, and the parachute ride back to the ground. This style is very close-up, and captures all of your audio too!

Available in photo or video format.

Freefall: This style truly showcases the scenery and action moment…the freefall! This style includes footage of the moments on the ground pre and post skydive, the plane ride up, and the freefall. With Freefall style, a separate camera flyer jumps with you and your tandem master which makes the experience even more awesome. You can interact with them in the air and even give them a cheeky high 5 if you get close enough!

Please note this style doesn’t include your audio (however there will be music during the video).

Available in photo and video format.

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