Skydiving in the Clouds

What’s interesting about this whole video is I didn’t have my own gear. All of my skydiving and camera equipment was lost during a flight transfer, so I shot it all on borrowed gear. I borrowed a camera and helmet from Richard, and a rig / canopies from PD. My gear was retrieved after the event.

Add’l footage by Roy Wimmer-Jaglom

Skydive Madrid, Toledo, ES

Date: 2018

Special thank you’s!
Hurricane Factory Spain
Skydive Madrid
Event organizers: Silvia Lacna and Sarka Ferrerova
Load organizers:
Fly4Life (Claudio Cagnasso, Luis Prinetto, Richard Scheurich, Manuel Guevara)
David Nimmo (Fly Warriors)
Oscar Afura
Johannes Bergfors
David Ferrera
Cawabonga (Vojta Fikar and Ze Miguel Abreu)


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