Slow Travel – hiking the length of New Zealand's South Island

Hey There! My name is Nicolas and I am happy to take you along on my journey!

In November 2018 I set out on the South Island part of Te Araroa, a Trail for long distance trampers which connects the most northern part of the country with the most southern part of the country. I decided to document my time on the trail with my camera and my travel diary, and once I was back home compressed it all into this 1h travel documentary.

The creation of this movie was a one man non profit project. As I had to pay for everything myself I am extremely grateful for the generous support of:

-77 Bombay Street, who allowed me
to use 2 of their beautiful songs:


Seven Mountains:

-Jonathan “Jonny” Maurice, who allowed me to
display my movie in his cinema:

I do very much recommend to try this yourself, however I want you to

1. This is a movie and NOT reliable information
material. It can therefore not
replace good, official and up to date
information. You can find reliable
information on
and on

2. This is not a joke, New Zealand’s wilderness
can be brutal and within the last 3 days alone 4
hikers had to be rescued by SAR NZ partly
due to unsufficient preparation
and bad decisions, so make sure
you are well prepared. Consider shorter hikes
in less remote areas to improve
your skills ahead of time.
3. RESPECT: Te Araroa is NOT a tourist
attraction. It is about so much more
than looking at things and it’s best part
is it’s respectful, supportive community.
To keep it this way, it is in your responsibility
to be respectful towards:
1. Nature
2. Other Hikers
3. provided infrastructure
4. land owners
5. Trail Angels
You can find information on how to
behave using the links above.
TA hikers represent a community. Don’t be the
a$$hole who destroys
the reputation of our community.
4. Think about the cost and hard work needed
for this trail to be maintained.
Consider a donation to Te Araroa Trust
to support their work and enable
others to enjoy a simmilar experience!
5. Don’t forget to enjoy your unforgettable


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