Somewhere in time music


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  1. I saw the film first time in 2020, just 40 years after its production (for the nature of this fact, I am just 40). Was it a time travel for me? Yes, it was. One of my favorite music composers was John Barry. I've found this film music score by listening to his hits. I could not hold back my tears…

  2. Such beautiful music! I cannot hear it without bringing to mind the exquisite movie which it accompanied. Makes me long for earlier times. Too bad Christopher is gone. He was a great actor, so handsome. And to think, in the movie he lost it all by having a single penny in his pocket! Ah, the irony,

  3. I can't help but thinking of an old love i lost many years ago for a silly reason on my part. That is why when Reeves is sobbing on the bed, and drops a single penny from his hand makes me cry each time I watch this.

  4. Música de una exquisitez y belleza impresionante por parte de los músicos que la interpretan.
    Ha mejorado mucho la de la película original. FELICIDADES MÚSICOS, SOIS GENIALES,LLEGAIS AL ALMA.

  5. It is a MOVIE…One of my very favorite movies of all time…Credits are listed on net…for music…A must see with Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymore..One of the best love stories of all time…Filmed on Macinac Island, Mi.