Spectator Sound: This is how the VR glasses work

Powerful sound, quality workmanship and great versatility: These virtual reality glasses have it all. Enjoy the full spectrum of VR & AR Games, 360° videos and other trendsetting media with Spectator Sound VR glasses. What comes in especially handy: They work with nearly ANY smartphone.

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What is the Spectator series?

The Spectator series is all about leaving you the option to use VR glasses just as you like while simultaneously making it as easy as possible for you to immerse into the worlds of VR applications. The virtual reality glasses are compatible with a huge variety of smartphones and can be individually adjusted for a perfect fit and an optimal performance.

What does the Spectator Sound do?

The Spectator Sound is the perfect gadget to enjoy every VR app to its fullest, regardless of whether you´re talking about games, videos, or other applications. Thanks to its ingenious design the Spectator Sound virtual reality glasses can even be used for Augmented Reality apps. Thanks to adjustable headbands, the thick cushioning around the glasses and the headphones, wearing the Spectator Sound stays comfortable even after hours of intense usage.

How does the Spectator Sound work?

Simply place your phone in the designated compartment and plug the Spectator Sound´s 3mm plug into your smartphone´s headphone jack. Even if your smartphone is in the compartment, it still is fully operational. This is made possible due to the touch button on the bottom of the VR glasses. Press it and the Spectator Sound automatically performs a slight touch on your smartphone display. The Spectator Sound´s front cover is removable, which enables you to use it for Augmented Reality apps too.

Which devices are compatible with the Spectator Sound?

Spectator Sound VR glasses are compatible with any smartphone with a screen diameter of 4.7 to 6.0 inches and maximum dimensions of 15.6 cm x 8.2 cm. Smartphones need to have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, so that they can be connected to the integrated headphones.


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