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  1. Well Sammy. You see the rates. Time to get Eli Mae back on the road. Justin was up here in PA. Yesterday. Had hard time finding something to come back south with. Be careful. Looting and Trucks being looted. Use pad lock on you,re trailer. Be watching

  2. Hea Sammy, I can't believe TRC & Daniel are doing a DAT board just like you? Maybe they don't think you do a good enough job? 😂
    Hope everything is fine with you and the family.
    Stay Safe & Healthy 👍😷👍

  3. Hey make cents. I have few questions. Is dat loadboard all broker loads? Also. Dont brokers hurt the market by selling them selves to the shipper by taking loads and saying they can get a driver that would pull there load at alot less than what the load really should pay? One more question. If o/o keep pulling brokered out loads in general gonna keep the broker game alive? Won't the rates always be slashed as long as they are in the picture? Thanks for your time bro and keep up the good work!!

  4. I'm running from north county San Diego area to portland for almost 3 bucks a mile GO GO GO. Just got one today from LA to NJ for 6500 plus tolls. Might have to take a cheapass hay load to get back to LA . HAULASS time

  5. Thanks man for the video awesome.
    I have questions which one do you remember and which one it’s making good money
    Flatbed trailer
    Or step deck.
    for owner operator because I want to buy my own truck and trailer but I am not sure which one have the good money on it.
    Thanks a lot.

  6. I’m from California mass protest going on in the LA/ Ontario area. Gotta decide if the risk is worth the reward people are attacking and trying to rob truckers Nor Cal/ Central Valley is where it’s at Salinas Soledad Visalia etc. ( For Reefer at least)

  7. Thanks for the good info. I like the advice at the end of the video on where to put your truck. It’s reassuring when my plan matches up with your advice. I’ll be in Ca Tuesday or Wednesday, grab a nice load coming back East.