Street Food in Iran is the BEST! Today, we’re going for a FULL ON Iranian Street Food Tour through the Old Bazaar of Tehran! Last Iran vid:
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Thanks so much for arranging our trip! Check them out if you’re thinking of traveling to Iran!

Today in this Iran food video, we’re traveling to Iran too meet up with Mr. Taster. He is bringing us for a FULL ON Iran food ADVENTURE through the old grand bazaar to taste some AUTHENTIC Persian food in Tehran, Iran! All of the BEST Iranian cuisine!

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Make sure to watch all the way to the end of this street food video, because it is PACKED with delicious food that is going to make you want to travel to Iran immediately!

In this Iran travel video, we’re going DEEP into the grand bazaar for all the classic Iranian dishes. First up, Mr. Taster is bringing us to try the DIZI, a famous Persian dish made of lamb fat, potato, chickpea, and tomato. It is one of the BEST lamb stews I’ve ever tasted!

Restaurant name: Haj Sadegh
Address: +1 Floor, Saraye Mojtabaei, Tehran Grand Bazaar

After this, Mr. Taster is bringing us for the BEST Iranian food in Tehran, the Tahchin! He’s bringing us to the #1 Iranian restaurant in Tehran, Moslem Restaurant! Here, the Tahchin is FULL of butter and saffron and barberry, a very special local berry! And it’s served with PERSIAN CHICKEN CURRY!!! Loaded with onions and turmeric, it’s so delicious! This restaurant serves 10,000 people per day!

After this, I’m exploring a little more of the Grand bazaar in Tehran and finding some persian tea at the Haj Ali Darvish Teahouse before meeting up with Mr. Taster again for Iran’s most famous food, the ghormeh sabzi. Iran tourism is worth it just to try this dish!

We are going to FlyLand food complex to go into the kitchen to see the Ghormeh sabzi recipe from the chefs themselves before tasting it ourselves! It was full of lamb fat and herbs and greens! Delicious!!!


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  1. Iran is AMAZING! Huge thanks to Mr. Taster for the AMAZING tour through Iran! Also big thank you to for helping arrange such a wonderful trip through Iran! Please leave me a comment down below, I would love to hear from you! Are you enjoying our Iran series? These videos are some of my favourite we’ve ever made, and there are still 7 more videos left! Make sure to hit that bell notification button too so you don’t miss any of these Iranian food tours! Thanks so much for watching and I hope you’re enjoying this series!!!

  2. Never mind the food, the rugs are so beautiful and breathtaking work of art , I’ve read it’s not unusual that some masterpieces take a year or two to complete!
    too bad skilled rug weavers/makers are becoming fewer and fewer.

  3. One thing admiral about shia Iran is their ability to resist the imperial forces for over four decades of sanctions, I wish if Muslim countries who are even more reach than the shias can do the same and be free & happy like the Iranian shias

  4. I am an Iranian. I mean, Iran has a lot of delicious and hearty foods. Be sure to try. Every country has an Iranian restaurant. But Iran's own and inside Iran's food is something else and more

  5. Iranian food is good but these people have no concept of dietary fiber. Meat, rice bread, meat, rice, bread, sugar sugar sugar, butter tomato. One giant constipation nation.


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