Super Mario 3D Land – All Postcards (5 Shiny Star File)

A quick video showing all of the postcards in Super Mario 3D Land. #Mario #SuperMario3DLand #MarioBros You can view the postcards that you unlock at a Toad House in World 3. You can make the pictures move by shaking the 3DS. Here is how you get each star:

1: Defeat Bowser in World 8’s second Castle
2: Clear all stages in the first 8 Worlds
3: Defeat Bowser in World 8’s second Castle again after defeating him in the Special World 8 Castle
4: Find and collect all 285 star coin medals in the levels
5: Clear all stages with both Mario and Luigi, and earn a Gold flag on each stage in the game

Super Mario 3D Land 100% Playlist


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