Super Mario 3D Land Glitches – Son Of A Glitch – Episode 43

In this episode we take a look at the glitches in Super Mario 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS!

A huge thank you to everyone who donated towards the 3DS capture card so that this episode could be made!

Glitches –
1. Title Screen Double Music
2. Luigi Running Glitch
3. Long Jump Of Death (World 1-1)
4. Infinite 1-Up Glitch (World 1-2)
5. Tanooki Gliding Glitch
6. Disappearing Goomba (World 2-1)
7. Baddie Box Glitch (World 2-4)
8. Die In A Warp Box (World 2 Air-ship)
9. Platform Shadow Glitch
10. World 3-2 Out of Bounds, Swim Through Floor
11. Enemy Spawn Glitch (Special World 4-1)
12. Float In Mid-air (World 4-3)
13. Coins In The Wall (World 7-1)
14. Camera Glitch (World 7-5)
15. Spike Ball Shake (World 8-1)
16. Lava Float Glitch (World 8, Bowser’s Castle 2)
17. Bowser’s Castle 1 Softlock

A+Start with Andy
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