Super Mario 3D World 100% Walkthrough World Castle – All Green Stars & Stamps

World Castle in Super Mario 3D World for Nintendo Wii U. This video is an educational walkthrough for all of World 7 and shows the location of every green star & stamp. Time stamps for each level are shown below. If you are interested in more videos like this, please check out the playlist below.

00:20 – World Castle-1 ‘Fort Fire Bros.’
03:25 – World Castle-2 ‘Switchblack Ruins’
06:50 – World Castle-3 ‘Red-Hot Run’
09:40 – World Castle-4 ‘Boiling Blue Bully Belt’
13:18 – World Castle-C ‘Fire Bros. Hideout #4’
14:15 – World Castle-A ‘Brolder Blockade is Back’
15:50 – World Castle-B ‘Prince Bully Blockade is Back’
16:55 – World Castle-5 ‘Trick Trap Tower’
20:05 – World Castle-Captain Toad ‘Captain Toad Gets Thwomped’
21:50 – World Castle-6 ‘Rammerhead Reef’
26:02 – World Castle-7 ‘Simmering Lava Lake’
29:45 – World Castle-Castle ‘Bowser’s Lava Lake Keep’

Super Mario 3D World Luigi Walkthrough Playlist:


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