Super Mario 3D World 380 Star Speedrun in 4:29:41

EDIT: I can’t even believe how many views this video got. o_o

You should know that this run is extremely outdated though, my current PB is 4:14 and the world record is 4:00. If you wanna know who has the record, look up Super Mario 3D World on (it’s Vallu111 lol).

Also, check out my twitch channel at My youtube channel is really inactive but I stream on twitch a lot.

380 Stars is a speedrun category in Super Mario 3D World that requires getting every green star in the game, which requires you to also get all golden flagpoles and stamps. It’s basically the respectable version of 100%, you’re doing roughly everything in the game but without having to play every level at least twice.

Now, I should mention, this run had MANY mistakes and there’s a pretty good chance that I will improve this soon. But, it’s still the best time I’ve ever gotten for this category, so I felt the need to upload it still.

So yeah, enjoy watching me succeed! And fail…. a lot. lol


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