Super Mario Epic Medley (Made in Super Mario Paint)

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It´s finally here!
This is the result of 16 months of work and dedication
(whenever I had the time), it took me almost 7 years to
make another huge project (My last one was
the Legend of Zelda Super Epic Medley), back in the day
I thought I would never again find the time and dedication
to improve on such video, but here it is,
38 minutes and 64 songs arranged and remixed.
I may never make a project as big as this unless I find
a way to finance it.
I know it´s a long video and most people will find it
difficult to watch it completely in a single session, but,
if you have the time I really hope you enjoy it as much as
I did while creating it.

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Princess Peach Voice by:Snowlette VA

Super Mario Paint developed by Rehdblob

If this is your first time watching this video
please avoid looking at the following tracklist,
I put a lot of effort in the surprise factor of
every song and transition, I would like you to watch
this medley without knowing which song is next.

1.- Super Mario World – Title Theme
2.- Super Mario Land 2 – Athletic Theme
3.- Super Mario Bros. 3 – Athletic Theme
4.- Super Mario Sunshine – Delfino Plaza
5.- Super Mario Bros. 3 – Hammer Bros. Theme
6.- Super Mario Galaxy – Super Mario Galaxy Theme
7.- Super Mario Galaxy – Egg Planet
8.- Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Yoshi Star Galaxy
9.- Super Mario World – Overworld Theme
10.-Super Mario 3D World – Switch Scramble Circus
11.-Super Mario 64 – Dire, Dire Docks
12.-Super Mario Maker – Title Screen
13.-Super Mario 64 – Metal Cap Mario
14.-Super Mario 64 – Wing Cap Mario
15.-Super Mario Bros. 2 – Character Select
16.-Super Mario Bros. 3 – Overworld Theme
17.-Super Mario Bros. – Underwater Theme
18.-Super Mario Galaxy – Comet Observatory
19.-Super Mario 64 – Haunted Merry-Go-Round
20.-Super Mario Bros. – Underground Theme
21.-Super Mario Bros. 3 – Undeground Theme
22.-Super Mario World – Fortress Theme
23.-Super Mario Bros. – Castle Theme
24.-Super Mario Bros. 2 – Wart
25.-Super Mario 64 – Ultimate Koopa
26.-Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Fated Battle
27.-Yoshi´s Island – Overworld Theme (Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy)
28.-New Super Marios Bros. – Overworld theme
29.-Super Mario Bros. 3 – Grass Land
30.-Super Mario Bros. 2 – Overworld theme
31.-Super Mario Odyssey – Jump Up, Super Star!
32.-Super Mario Land – Muda Kingdom
33.-Yoshi´s Island – Story Music Box
34.-Super Mario Galaxy – Luma
35.-Super Mario Sunshine – Bianco Hills
36.-Super Mario 64 – Cool, Cool Mountain
37.-Super Mario Bros. 3 – Big Island
38.-Mario Bros. (NES) – Title Screen
39.-Super Mario Galaxy – Gusty Garden Galaxy
40.-Super Mario Odyssey – Cascade Kingdom
41.-Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Sky Station Galaxy
42.-Super Mario Odyssey – Wooded Kingdom
43.-Super Mario 3D World – The Great Tower Showdown 2
44.-Super Mario Galaxy – Battlerock Galaxy
45.-Super Mario 3D Land – Special World 8
46.-New Super Mario Bros. U – Overworld Theme
47.-Yoshi´s Island – Athletic Theme
48.-New Super Mario Bros. Wii – Title Theme
49.-Super Mario 3D World – World 8
50.-Super Mario Odyssey – New Donk City
51.-Super Mario World – Special World
52.-Super Mario Bros. – Overworld Theme
53.-Super Mario Land – Birabuto Kingdom
54.-Super Mario 3D Land – Overworld Theme
55.-Super Mario 3D World – Super Bell Hill
56.-Super Mario 64 – Main Theme (Bob-omb Battlefield)
57.-Super Mario 64 – Staff Roll
58.-Super Mario World – Ending
59.-Super Mario Bros. 3 – Ending
60.-Super Mario Bros. 2 – Ending
61.-Super Mario Bros. – Ending
62.-Super Marios Bros. 2 (Japan) – Ending
63.-Super Mario Land – Ending
64.-Super Mario Galaxy – Gusty Garden Galaxy (Reprise)


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