Surfing in the BVIs? Yes, you can do that too! (SURF EDIT!)

SURF EDIT!: We had so much great surfing footage from our recent trip to the BVIs that we had to create a small surf movie. As a surfer who spent the past two decades trying to get barreled in California and Hawaii I was blown away by the quality of the surf we found (almost by accident) in the BVIs. This was exactly how I like it. Mellow, waist to shoulder high, loooong. And every now and then a barrel. Sorry Puerto Rico, this might be our favorite place to surf in the Caribbean!

So the good news is that if you are headed to the BVI then you might catch some great surf there – but the bad news is you now need to bring a surfboard. Have a good trip!

LOCATION: A well known surf break in Tortola.



Welcome aboard. We are a family of five sailing around the world on our “dream boat,” a performance catamaran named “Archer.” 

Ten years ago, before kids, we sailed a Lagoon 380 named “Honeymoon” halfway around the world from the East Coast of the US to Sydney, Australia. Along the way we shared our experiences with family and friends via YouTube, and by happenstance created the first “sailing channel.” But more than anything, we realized what an incredible experience that first trip was and that someday we wanted to do it again, only this time with our kids.

We want to share with them the importance of taking time to be with family. To show them a world outside of the one they grew up in. We want them to appreciate how lucky we are to experience (and to care for) the natural beauty of this world. But mostly we want to spend time with our kids during these formative years and create lasting memories as a family. That’s why we are “The Sailing Family.”

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