SWITCH SKIING WORLD RECORD – Quentin Ladame Skis Backwards into History

Check out the full episode where the world record took place:

Hold onto your helmets for this one. French LINE skier Quentin Ladame breaks the world record for the fastest switch skiing in the world at a speed of 138.62 km/h (86mph) at the legendary Vars France speed skiing hill.

The switch skiing speed record was set on the LINE Chronic:
Full video description:

If you do not know KEEP THE LINE by LINE Skis yet it’s not too late!

Keep The Line is a skiing webisode 100% Made in France which brings the Line Skis France team together. The “goal” of the series – if there is one – is to complete a maximum number of challenges – more or less crazy – on skis

The idea is simple, get together with friends and do LINE: I.E. HAVE FUN ON SKIS.

For the third episode of this first season, we decided to conquer Vars!

During this episode 2 WORLD RECORDS were beaten on the world famous KL track.

-Quentin LADAME then becomes, on his pair of chronic, the switch speed skiing world record holder at 138.62 km / h

-Romain LAMBERT records himself going 122.73 Km/h on snowblades.

Check out the full Keep the Line episode:


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