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An Amazing 2 Quart Pressure Cooker by Cosori 0

Cooking An Amazing 2 Quart Pressure Cooker by Cosori

Making the Final Pork + Beans 2 quart COSORI Electrical Strain Cooker Distinctive PERSONALIZED COOKING: This distinctive Cosori 2-Quart stress cooker is designed for small households, working professionals, college students, and small households. It’s...


Philippine Popular Music Festival Top 14

From nearly 3,000 entries, listed below are the 14 finalists of the primary ever Philippine Standard Music Competition 2012: 3:00 AM – Keiko Necesario Bawat Hakbang – Karl Vincent H. Villuga Bigtime – Trina...


Pop'n Music 14 – High School Love EX

By DJ Yoshitaka, and also featured in IIDX GOLD. Fun! Lyrics as requested: Original: すれ違うたびにドキドキと恋の予感 今すぐ飛び出して君の所まで行くから あの日から 恋に落ちた僕はいつの間にか あなたとの距離感を意識し始める 誰よりも強い想い いつか届くように 願い続けるよ 今僕が見つけた小さな恋は 人知れず大きくなる (piano solo then repeat from chorus) Romaji: Sure chigau tabi ni Dokidoki to...