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NEW Lumion PRO 11 update First Impressions! 0

NEW Lumion PRO 11 update First Impressions!

It’s that time of the year!! The Lumion 11 update is live and these are my first impressions. Look out for the Orthographic view effect😉. More in-depth videos coming soon. Let me know what...


Tips and Tricks on 3D Printing a HEPA Mask for COVID-19

Obtain the blueprint at: h The Self-Meeting Filtration for Emergencies (S.A.F.E) Cartridge System is a modular HEPA filtration system that may be fitted onto hospital masks such because the disposable AeroEclipse Aerosol Masks made...


X-Particles Working in Corona Renderer!!!

With this easy arrange I present you ways we will use X-Particles with Corona Renderer despite the fact that X-Particles shouldn’t be formally supported but! Scorching rattling! source