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DIY Wind Generator make clean power at home

Discover wind generators, turbines, and provides for innovators and educators. Mills: Wind Turbine Blades: Starter Wind Generators: Disclosure: This video description accommodates affiliate hyperlinks. Construct a 30 Watt Wind Turbine System Construct a forty...


Horikawa Pleasure Boats, Shimane | Japan Travel Guide

Horikawa Pleasure Boats ( 堀川巡り遊覧船 ) Description ———————————————————————— The pleasure boats wind their way around historical canals that were constructed at the same time alongside Matsue Castle. From the boats, you can enjoy the...


Boats for Kids with Blippi | Explore a Jet Ski

Learn about boats for kids with Blippi. This is the Blippi jet ski video. The Explore a jet ski video with Blippi will teach your child about colors and see inside Blippi’s jet ski’s...