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Ski meets Snowbike

Ski and Snowbike (Skibob, Skibike) togehter on on slope. A Snowbiker has the same riding rythm than a skier so they perform excelment on the same slope. Skier: Florain Schwarzenbacher, Snowbiker: Harald Brenter, Bike:...


Alpine Skiing Meets Big Mountain Freeriding

Freerider and alpine skier, Jérémie Heitz, challenges Daron Rahlves for a head-to-head giant slalom race in big mountain terrain. ► Check out this Red Bull Skiing Playlist: ► Watch The Full Story here: Jérémie...


Ninja Warrior meets Parkour

Check out my chalk bags ► Shot and edited by: Markus ►@skaane Music and Sound Effects: (30 day free trial) In Sweden to Check out a Ninja Warrior and Parkour gym – Epoch –...