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Skiing at Mont Tremblant ⛷❄️ 0

Skiing at Mont Tremblant ⛷❄️

We had a blast @holidayinnexpress in @MontTremblant this previous weekend! IHG developed its Nice Canadian Winter Journey Record to encourage Canadians to embrace the coolness this journey season. We like to ski, and it...

Mother (1926) movie 0

Mother (1926) movie

On this movie, the mom of Pavel Vlasov is drawn into the revolutionary battle when her husband and son discover themselves on reverse sides throughout a employee’s strike. After her husband dies through the...


SURPRISE – Short Film (2020)

SURPRISE is a drama that follows two sisters of their try to shock their mom on her birthday. This movie was shot utilizing a Canon T6i with a 24mm and a 50mm lens. The...