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Dust Discusses... Twistzz to Liquid 3

Dust Discusses… Twistzz to Liquid

On this video I focus on the concept of Twistzz becoming a member of Liquid, the professional and cons, the have an effect on on Misfits, and so on. Excuse the primary 4-5 seconds...


Liquid CSGO | America's Team: Trailer

A new series with TLGO from 1UP is dropping tomorrow. Until then you’ll just have to watch this trailer on loop! ♞ Team Liquid Social ♞ Don’t forget to check out more of Team...


Liquid CSGO | LEGACY EP.4 – Epitácio

The team has a week to practice with the new pickup of Taco before Dreamhack Marseille Special Thanks: Halfway House & Th3rd Brain Management Music: Stephen – Crossfire, Part II (feat. Talib Kweli &...