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Roller Skiing

Approach is crucial for quick Nordic Snowboarding! The following tips will make you quicker as soon as there’s snow on the bottom. Filmed at Vermont Academy by Alexei Sotskov and Craig Calhoun. source


🐹DIY Guinea Pig House + Bonus Project For Hamsters🐹

That includes Burrow a 1 yr outdated Chinese language Hamster ⏬ Look Under For My Social Media❗ ⏬ 💘Instagram: 〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️ 💗Twitter: 〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️ 💖Deviantart: 〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️ 💜Hamster Hideout Discussion board: 〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️ 💞Ebay: source


A Trip Into Deep Bass Music

A live mix recorded on a pair of KCD450’s and American Audio TT Turntable. It’s a dubstep mix, but don’t expect high pitched synths and filthy saw basses. It’s a collection of deep &...