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How to tune ADULT skis

In case you ever get overwhelmed with the complexity and expense of tuning skis & boards watch this video that can assist you. On this video skilled ski coach Chris Hillier from Whistler, Canada...


How To Tune Skis And Snowboards

If you want to find out how to tune your skis or how to tune your snowboard, then you’ve come to the right place. In this handy tutorial we show you how. For loads...


Learn How to Wax and Tune Your Skis

Zach Littlepage from PSIA-AASI’s Official Supplier Swix/TOKO takes you through the dos and don’ts of tuning and waxing your skis in this tuning demo. source


How to Tune Skis: Alltracks Academy

Alltracks head coach, Guy Hetherington, gives detailed demonstration on how to tune your own ski, and how to compile an inexpensive tuning kit. If you are interested in becoming a CSIA qualified ski instructor...


How to Tune Skis #1: Edge Work || REI

Burrs and rust on your ski edges cause drag and slow you down on firm snow. Learn how to properly maintain your ski edges so you can enjoy a fast and fun day on...


How to Tune Skis #2: Base Repair || REI

Every skier gets some base damage at some point. Big holes that expose the core usually need to be repaired by a ski shop, but smaller scrapes and gouges can easily be fixed at...


How to Tune Skis Part 1- How to Sharpen Ski Edges

Aside from the ego-boost you’ll get from beating all your friends back down to the lift, tuning your skis to perfection can be meditative and rewarding on its own. From sharpening edges to brushing...


How to Tune Skis #3: Waxing || REI

Waxing your skis is the best way to protect the bases and keep you gliding fast over snow. In this video, we give you a quick, step-by-step guide to waxing your skis at home....