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  1. Good video but man you gotta knock it off with the same musical transitions as partitions. It really detracts from the information

  2. Yeah, this was a very informative video. While I knew a few country's name origins, like America, there were many more out there I had no idea about how they had derived. Great work putting this together. 🙂

  3. BPS, I have to say the quality and taste level of your videos is always superb, you have an amazing talent. The images you use in all your content coupled with the seamless transition and your narration are awesome. Thank you for all your hard work.

  4. Bit of an error, but Columbia is named after the goddess Columbia, not Christopher Columbus. This should actually be a 5th one, as many nation states especially in what is now Greece were named after patron deities (Athens = Athena)

  5. So I'm Canadian and am ashamed of our very gay govt.we are called the Royal red dragon..when I asked about this I was told we are a royal bloodline of Lucifer..FOR GOD SAKES THIS CANT BE GOOD

  6. My wife and I actually refer to Canada as "Cuh-NAH-duh." It's an inside joke from when I was given an antagonistic geography quiz by a surly 20-something Canadian customs babe.

  7. Theres a video in a series called the Alberino Analysis that claims America comes from the natives who named the land after their god Amaru. It was called something like Amaru Ka (land of Amaru)
    Just wondering if you've ever heard of that

  8. "Deutschland" means the land of the Deutsch people, in language and culture, what Germans refer to as,, "Das Volk," are "the people" of Deutschland. Think, "Volkswagen, ' the" car of the people. " These are simple facts. I know what is coming already.

  9. It’s a bit more interesting when you translate from the origin language. Instead of translating Norway in English , try Norge in Norwegian. If you look at it from that perspective Nor no longer means North, which would be Nord. Nor, can mean narrows, as in narrow inlet. Ge at the end of Norge is from rike or rige, which can be translated to Realm. So Norge could mean Realm of the Narrows. Or my favorite. There is also a mythical Norwegian dwarf king named Nor. Then it would be the Realm of King Nor. A bit more fascinating than the North Way.

  10. Deutschland is, as you say, the land of the 'Deutsch' people. The word 'deutsch' however comes from the language and the original meaning of the word deutsch is 'clear' as in speaking clearly. So the Romans called the Germans the 'barbarians', ie. people who spoke "baa, baa, baa" and the Germans called themselves the "people who spoke 'clearly'". BTW Even today the word for 'clear' in German is 'deutlich'.

  11. Pictured a mobster holding two thumbs up saying, "Ayeee" when you highlighted the Americas being namesakes of an Italian 😂👍🏻

  12. Love all your videos and love how much you put in them.
    I love the fact that you talked about “AMERICA” is one continent but the USA considered as 2. But since the beginning was name because Amerigo and it was one and not only the USA, but all North and South, from Canada until Argentina.
    Still is for many, only 1 Continent also in Geography Maps.

    Just a note, the country “COLOMBIA”, is not considered Caribbean Country, it is actually in South America and its cover by the Atlantic in the North and the Pacific in the West. Meaning that it has both Oceans in its borders. The Caribbean is Part of the Atlantic, but Colombia is in America in the south, but not just the Caribbean.

  13. I'm sorry but out of all the countries in Europe Romania is such a bad example :). It's an artificial name made for the country that had no "Romans" within its borders (at least not since Vth or VIth century). They just had to make a name for country that was result of unification of Moldova and Wallachia in XIX century. People there started to use the name of Romanians to describe themselves only after the introduction of the name Romania – not before. And yes Romania was part of the Roman empire for some time (and speaks the language that comes from latin), but so was half of Europe, North Africa and Middle East. And it's not like it was center of this civilisation.

  14. Where do I live, the United (ha) Kingdom, Great haha Britain, England, the olde name for this island is Albion. Japan only has two maybe three names. Angleterre, very similar to Japan culturally in some ways, the island off the mainland, the big Chinese empire a constant threat like the (German) Western European empire. The importance of politeness and a taste for tea, stand out, along with shame culture. The culture of separation.

  15. Wales translates to "land of the foreigner' – yet the Angles, Jutes and Saxons were foreigners themselves to what is now England.


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