The Music Box (1933) animated cartoon

“An animated satire in two parts” (and no relation to the Academy Award®-winning Laurel and Hardy short of the same name that also came out in 1932) this Soviet cartoon revels in the art of caricature. Even the horses are snobby and vainglorious in a pre-Revolutionary Tsarist world of ruling idiots and blindly submissive peons. “Dummy-Town’s” masses suffer the consequences: war, taxes, flogging and aristocratic decadence (including a Folies Bergères-style dance of scantily-clad, bayonet-wielding chorus girl “soldiers”). But progress will not be stopped and the tyrants’ day of reckoning duly comes.

The Music Box (1933) animated cartoon

Genre: Animation, satire
Produced by The Moscow Artistic Animated Cinema Workshop

Directed by Nikolai Khodataev
Art Director: Georgy Echeistov, Nikolai Khodataev, Daniel Cherkes
The Music Box (1933) animated cartoon


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