The Power Of HYPE!!! -How To Trick Yourself Into Climbing The Ladder| Overwatch Competitive Season 3

Today im talking about the power of hype in overwatch and how you can use overwatch hype to win more overwatch competitive games in season 3 and trick yourself into climbing the ladder! Hope you enjoy! Kinda an overwatch season 3 tips and tricks video errr.


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What is overwatch?: Well overwatch is Blizzards new take on the fps genre. In this game you choose a hero or “Class” to take on enemies, push payloads, and take control points. The point of the game is to beat the other team over and it is indeed a whole bunch of fun to play. The game includes 21 heroes so far and Is a blast to play. In this video I mostly go over playing it in a commentary type of manner, and these types of videos will usually be overwatch live commentaries or overwatch group commentaries. As well expect a few guides of this game in the future and some box openings as well. Anyways, hope you enjoy blizzards new hit!


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