The Skylight Parkour Trick + Unorthodox Tricks To Shock The Enemy! – Rainbow Six Siege Tips & Tricks

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Me thanking and loving you 0:00 – 0:59
Crazy Valk cam throw + c4 runout combo – 1:00
The best hiding spot on House – 2:27
Elevated Kanal spawn peek – 3:20
Crazy red stairs angle – 3:54
A smoke throw to make counter strike pros proud – 4:36
You can vault onto these?! – 5:24
You can get on top of this skylight too?! – 6:33

Thank you to these legends and huge shoutout to them!
DansomeWoja, HolyRaccoon, Raccoomn, Slayer657, Arson, y tho, eQ.Element, kevins the name

Song credit – Faded NCS/FatRat Infinite Power

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