The Union Pacific 1926 "Grand Circle Tour": Day 3, North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Recreating the Union Pacific 1926 “Grand Circle Tour”: Day 3, North Rim of the Grand Canyon

We’re always hearing how tourists are overcrowding our parks and “Loving them to death.” I got my hands on a 1926 pamphlet advertising Union Pacific’s Overland tour system of Southern Utah and Arizona. I want to compare what tourism is like now and what it was like then. What can we learn about how to be better tourists and stop destroying our National Parks?

The biggest tour they offered (Tour #5) takes us in a grand circle through 3 National Parks, 2 National Monuments, and a National Forest Preserve over the course of 5 busy days.

Music from Audioblocks
Additional footage from the NPS and Prelinger Archives


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