This is a 6K 360° 3D VR Video — DJI Spark Tips For Beginners [6K 360° 3D VR]

*re-upload* I highly recommend you to use VR glasses to experience this video in 3D! Thanks to LastPass for partnering with me on this video. Click here to try LastPass for FREE:

— DJI Spark:
— USB Cable for the remote:
— External Battery: (use code doiPhone for 20% off)
— External Battery with AC outlet: (use code doiPhone for 20% off)
— Manfrotto Gear Backpack:
— Middle Aged Men Repellent T-Shirt:

If you’re new to the drone world, first of all welcome! You’re infected! Secondly I talked about couple of things about DJI Spark. Hope it helps.

This video is shot using Insta360 Pro:
My Insta360 Pro Review:

Couple of fun facts about this video.
• On this video I tried to have minimum camera movement in comparison to the previous one where things were turning like my sunday mornings back in the day.
• This video is 6400×6400. It contains two 360° video files stitched together.
• Upper frame 3200×6400 for the left eye, lower frame 3200×6400 for the right eye
• So when I added the screens on top of the video, I had to arrange them accordingly
• Usually the distance between the added scenes are 22 pixels. I found that to be the magic number. When the added frame goes back, away from you, the distance between them goes to 2, giving the 3D effect.
• The file sizes were once again huge. ProRes LT file that came out for this project was 160GB! Which is way over YouTube’s 125GB upload limit.
• I exported the file in ProRes Proxy and that file was 60GB
• While uploading the file to YouTube, our internet slowed down insanely. It feels like we’re throttled. My 30mbps upload speed is 3mbps since last night.
• I’ve discovered an app called Hybrid that can compress 8K, 6K files to h264.
• Compressed file is 13GB
• Since my upload is throttled (or broken) I went to Apple Store to upload this file.
• This is the first sponsored video on my channel.
• I can’t wait to go back to my beautiful a6500 and shoot some normal videos.

Thank you so much for watching this video.
I hope you get to see it in 3D because, it is amazing in 3D!

My Cameras:
Sony a6500:
Sony 10-18mm:
Sony 16-70mm:
Sony RX100M5:
Sony RX100M4:
Sony FDR-X3000R: (with live view remote)
Sony FDR-X3000: (no live view remote)
GoPro Hero 5 Black:

Hey! You look beautiful today.
Thank you for watching my video, I hope you enjoyed it.
And thank you for reading the description box.

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