THIS is Tajikistan – Roof of the World | Cycling the World 35

‘This is Tajikistan – The Best Bike Tour Destination?’ – The famous Pamir Highway is just around the corner when we meet our soon to be new cycling family. From the flatlands of Uzbekistan, the valleys of Tajikistan become narrower and the mountains grow higher and higher. When searching for a place to camp we stumble upon a patch with fruit trees and the owner kindly permits us to put up our tents. The next morning the lady of the house invites for tea, we think… After an extraordinary day through the mountains we find ourselves in a little town with no place to sleep. We ask the locals if they could help and sure enough everybody starts coming up with ideas. A kind man puts us up in his shed where we do a little cleanup before hitting the hay 😉

To see, feel, smell, hear and taste everything the road has to offer will be so much different than watching a documentary or reading a book about it. Sometimes it will be difficult and most of the time fantastic. We hope you will find inspiration in our video’s and maybe fuel your dreams as so many other have done for us.

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