14-year-old Kai Lightner is a rising superstar in the world of climbing. With his amazing skill and ability, he hopes to one day become a sport-climbing world champion. Always looking for the next challenge, Kai relies on the support and encouragement of his mother to chase after his dreams.
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In this touching short film by George Knowles, meet Kai and his incredible mother as they climb to new heights together.

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This Rock Climbing Kid Has a Hidden Strength: His Super Mom | Short Film Showcase

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  1. Met and climbed with Kai in SLC just for about an hour. Super nice and humble kid, his mom is a hoot too. It's great to see how strong she supports him. Good people and great climber! Hopefully I get another opportunity to hang.

  2. naysayers. disclaimers. disrespect. sarcasm. envy, jealousy, racism. and mean souls abound and still HE rises by Gods grace because that IS sufficient. May The Creator continue to bless his life and that of his mother. What a remarkable and determined young man with the heart of a Lion!!!

  3. Incredible well paced technique for such a young climber I believe this guy deserves to be in big spotlight. Climbing grades I wish I could climb and The love for this sport and his mom is admirable happy Mother's Day to all the awesome mothers!