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Some thoughts on the outrage over RGN’s decision not to replay a round between Luminosity Gaming and Team Liquid.


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  1. Admins are not trying to do anyone favors when they ask they ask teams if they want to go against the rules and replay a round. They just want to pass the buck and not take any of the blame for making the decision.

  2. I do agree that Hiko deserves some hate for what he said. Obviously this was too much. Although he shouldn't have been asked in the first place he stated something thinking he was giving the word to not let it be played. In all it is the rules fault and Hiko should not have had anything to do with it but when he was asked he showed that he did not want to give them the chance. Lg has a right to be at least a small but mad at Hiko and to be very mad at the tournament. They know Hiko would not have let them restate. Just so fucked up in the first place

  3. The only thing is where there could be genuine fraud would be if it's like a 15-14 and the team at 15 really fucked up on an eco round and ended 1v4 in the end of the round and the 1 decides to dc his pc so that the round restarts and his team can counter strat, or play more passively. What I think should be done instead of restarting the round play the round from the "moment" that a player disconnected or whatever it may be. I also do not know how to play from a certain time in the round but I'm sure it could be done.

  4. Everyone in the Comment section is agreeing with Thooorin on the brazilian fan nature, even the brazilians themselves. But the one time where the Brazilians did not get insanely mad or at least not to this extent was at – of all times – the 7-1, right? Why were they so okay at THAT event but not at something less important like a random cs game?

  5. What is wrong is that they went to Liquid to give them a choice as to whether they should restart the round. What the fuck is wrong with you RGN?! OFC they would say no, they're completely biased in this situation where what $150000+ is on the line! RGN were just too chicken shit to take the responsibility of the rules THEY implemented. And people wonder why this org is not taken as seriously as everyone else…

  6. A game of Rugby recently (Gloucester vs Wasps) Billy Twelvetrees got punched in the face. The ref saw it and red carded the offending player. Billy walks over to the ref to say there was nothing in it and a red is harsh. Ref ignores him and shows the red, because those are the rules.

    Rules are rules, players can't dictate the game. Otherwise there's no point even having a ref.

  7. Why are Brazilian fanboys so obnoxious about sports? Do they not have anything else going for them in their lives or something? Seriously, you're going to hate on players for tournament rules they should have no input in?

    Christ. :

  8. My Grandpa always said that he didn't trust or love in the same manner because of life experiences. And that if he were to lose those perceptions then it would need to be the aforementioned party that would need to break the preconceptions and prove him wrong with facts and new experiences. That's not racism, that's cultural evolution.

  9. If a rule is utter dogshit, like this one. Then they should ammend it on the spot. I mean in countries if there is a law that is clearly fucked up, then it gets amended right away like happened 50,000 times in US history with countless slave laws, alien and sedition acts, tarrif laws, etc.

    The game is a 5v5 team based, tactical shooter its really that simple. Its not a 4v5, that completely ruins the round and in a game like CS 1 round means everything. The rule is clearly fucked up, so its the admins job to just amend the rules right there. Its not like they have a legal obligation to keep the rules stagnant anyways.

  10. Well I live in Brazil for a long time now, but I was born in England and lived a short while in Moscow too. And I'm here to adress something about the "Brazillian behavior",which I still find it alot interesting, they are very passionate about what they like but they have a totally lack of respect for everything they don't like, wich for me is really annoying. Swearing and saying hateful words in Brazil is a totally normal thing, and accepted ir their community, they treat their own friends "badly" calling each other names and being mean and It's pretty normal in their society, wich it's still odd to me, It's almost as being hateful is their thing. One thing I need to say about it is, there is a large amount of good/kind people in Brazil, but is almost as they have no voice, the minority of obnoxious and hateful people are everywhere and loudly screaming towards anything that they don't like. It's like that quote from the dark knight trylogy : "What chance does gothan have when the good people do nothing".
    Just to clarify I consider myself almost brazillian by now, don't hate me please.

  11. I still think if the other team agrees to restart in good faith. They should still be able to, even if it violates the rules. But they need a pause button for technical difficulties. Just like league of legends competitive.

  12. Every since that fucking bullshit with Fnatic and LDLC and how fucking patheticly bad NBK and they all handed it i lost my respect for them and started to hate NV, french people have always been shitty people and will always be!